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Spooktastic Saturday vol. 1!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Welcome to the first Spooktastic Saturday installment! Submissions have been made anonymous. Enjoy!

I went backpacking through Saguaro National Park for an alternative spring break. One night, I accidentally slept on the mouthpiece of my CamelBak and completely soaked myself, my tent mate, and all of our belongings in water. We happened to be at the top of a mountain. It was freezing the next morning! It made for a very uncomfortable hike down.

—DC EcoWomen Member

One of the scariest moments of my life came during a bike trip across Europe. My front brakes were completely worn down, but I didn’t know how to change them. I was flying down the side of a switch back mountain and I took a turn too fast. I lost my balance and my bike nearly tipped over the side of the mountain.

—DC EcoWomen Member

My professor took our summer class on a field trip to a state park. Our van got stuck in the sand. There wasn’t any cell service and we spent the rest of the day rescuing the van. I still had a final the next day.

—DC EcoWomen Member

My best friend and I were hiking at sunset in Nova Scotia. We lingered at sunset and then took the long way back, figuring we would be able to hike the remaining 4 miles quickly before it got too dark. Then, we encountered a black bear a few hundred yards away. We froze and tried to backtrack, but it would have been 5 miles back the other direction in the dark. Our phones were quickly running out of battery and the sun was setting. No one else was around. We considered running past the bear or climbing a tree (both bad ideas, by the way). We even considered jumping a high fence into a private residence, but we couldn’t get up the fence. Finally, we decided to walk quickly past the bear and make as little noise as possible. As I passed, I noticed the bear had a long neck. It turns out it was a moose, and not a bear.

—DC EcoWomen Member



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