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Meet 2021 Annual Photo Contest Finalist: Rima Wahab

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

“Nurturing the Eco-Citizens of the Future” Co- Founder Ana led with a deep enthusiasm a group of volunteers, especially children, who got very motivated and excited to utilize iNaturalist, identify and learn about our local ecosystem in DC, and participate in a major annual citizen science project.

This past summer, we held our annual EcoWomen Photo Contest in honor of Earth Day. Thank you all who participated and submitted photos. We were thrilled to receive so many stunning submissions that highlight your visual stories about women, the environment, and the DC community. Congrats to one of our finalist Rima! The questionnaire below introduces her personal story to share.

1. Where are you originally from and what city/state do you live in?

I am Lebanese-American currently residing in Washington DC, and working on setting roots in the city.

2. How did you find out about DC Ecowomen?

I have been a member of DC Ecowomen since 2019. I have a life-long passion for environmental activism, and it is extremely important to me to volunteer in whatever city I am in. After I moved to DC, I was very happy to find DC-Ecowomen, connect with other kindred women with similar passions and commitment to environmental issues, and overall, be a part of a local organization that provides an empowering and supporting space for women in the environmental field.

3. What aspect/part of the environment are you most passionate about?

I have earned my master’s in GIScience, and a BS in Agriculture Science. Therefore, my passions and concerns in the environmental field extend over a couple of axes: On the one hand, I am very passionate about the applications of remote sensing and GIS in disasters and environmental and ecological consequences, and on the other hand, I am also interested in issues regarding food (in)security and environmental justice.

4. What (do you believe) is our biggest environmental problem today?

This depends on the scale of the environmental problem and location, and these vary significantly from one country to another. If we are addressing the issues from an Earth perspective, climate change is a major concern at a large scale, in addition to the need for an active and fully involved local participation in devising nature-based approaches that seek to achieve win-win solutions.

5. What is your favorite activity in your spare time?

I have two young children and one of my parenting philosophies is raising them to value the spirit of volunteering, mostly with local environmental organizations here in DC, and educating them to be future eco-citizens. I am also a member of the DC-Master Naturalist Program, and I enjoy spending volunteer hours, and feel fulfilled to be a part of various local conservation efforts in our city. In addition, I am passionate about gardening, and I equally enjoy salsa dancing.


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