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Toxins in the Environment, Toxins in Your Body

The following is a post by DC EcoWomen boardmember Alison Alford.

I recently attended a fantastic DC EcoWomen EcoHour on environmental toxins and their effects on your body. I was spell-bound as Heather White, Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group, told us that EWG preformed a study on ten Americans and found levels of harmful chemicals in their blood, including BPA, mercury, phthalates, and triclosan. EWG knew that these toxins didn’t come from the air, water, soil, or food, because the ten blood donors were newborns.  Toxins are showing up everywhere – in our cleaning products, produce, cosmetics and sunscreens, and they are flushed down the drain and polluting our rivers and oceans.

Fortunately for us and our children, there are numerous resources to use when trying to find the best product to clean, cook, or consume.  Heather advised us that knowledge is indeed power – and that our voices are the best weapon to protect us from chemicals in every day products.

Find out about cosmetics, cleaning products, sunscreen and more on EWG’s website:

  1. BPA Database

  2. Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

  3. Guide to Safe Sunscreen

  4. Healthy Cleaners

  5. Produce Guide

Once we educate ourselves on toxins in the environment, we need to speak up, and to speak up oftenWrite a letter to your member of Congress to let them know that you will no longer accept toxins in your sunscreen and cleaning products.  Sign a petition to stand up to pesticide lobbyists.  Show your support with your wallet by purchasing environmentally-friendly cosmetics, produce, and cleaning products.  But, most importantly, become educated on the dangers of toxins in the environment – because then you will know how to keep those toxins out of your body!

Want to read about the right things to put in your body? Check out our post on nutrition and malnutrition in women.


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