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This Valentine’s Day, the DCEW Executive Board share what they love about the environment

As most of America continues to deal with the effects of COVID and quarantining, it’s evident that we are all in need of feel good stories. This Valentine’s Day, we asked some members of the DC EcoWomen Executive Board to share what exactly they loved about the environment. Each board member was allowed to respond in whatever way they desired.

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“I love the endless opportunities for adventure and learning the environment offers us. I took this photo at sunrise on Assateague Island last summer. Just looking at it takes me back to the warm sand between my toes, the cool early morning breeze, the summer sun peeking out from beyond the clouds and the horizon, and the sound of wild horses neighing in the distance. When I think of the environment, I am reminded of the memories before this photo and those to come. My hope is that others feel this strong connection to and love for the environment so that they can come to understand why so many of us are fighting so hard to protect it.” —Ngozika Egbuonu

— a Haiku by Nikita Naik


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