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The Running Commuter

The following post was written by Dawn Bickett – DC Ecowoman and Running Commuter


Biking to work is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while getting exercise. And as the weather finally improves in DC, staying in the sunshine sounds preferable to travelling through the underground tunnels of the metro system.

But what if you don’t have access to a bike? What if you (like me) have heard too many biking accident stories? Or you simply don’t like biking?

As a recreational runner, I’ve decided to try a different approach: running to work.

I began thinking about running my commute when I noticed that I was passing by my office on morning runs only to have to go back home, shower, and return an hour later. Running to work seemed like a logical way to simplify my routine.

Considering trying your own running commute? Here are a few thoughts on the pros and cons:

Benefits of the running commute:

1. Carbon savings. Just like biking to work, running lowers your dependence on fossil fuels for transportation. 2. Time savings. Running to and/or from work saves you time by combining your exercise and your commute. I find that I can get about a half hour more sleep when running to work. 3. Mental health. Getting the heart rate up and blood flowing before or after the work day can be an excellent stress reliever.

Things to consider:

1. How far away is work? If the distance to your workplace is too far to run twice in a day, you can always run one way and take public transportation the other way. However, if you live 20 miles away, running to work simply may not be feasible. 2. Planning ahead. Unless you have a running backpack, it is not easy to bring things with you. When I plan to run in, I bring my change of clothes and shower supplies the day before. 3. Does your workplace have a shower? If not, running home from work may be the only option.

While the logistics of running to work are bit complicated, running to or from the office certainly beats waiting for the metro or getting caught in traffic. The next time you don’t think you can fit a jog into your busy week or your bike needs repair, try it out!


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