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Power Your Home With Clean Energy In D.C.

The recent shutdown of local electricity supplier Clean Currents has left many DC EcoWomen wondering where to turn in order to continue powering their homes with renewable energy.

But it’s still easy to power or re-power your home or business with carbon-free electricity! Just read on to learn the many ways you get sustainable, renewable energy, without leaving the DC area.

Currently, all DC and Maryland residents that pay a utility bill can select an electricity provider that purchases wholesale power on their behalf. The provider is responsible for the generation and transmission of the electricity, while the utility remains responsible for the delivery, billing, and maintenance of the power lines.

As with any major purchase, shoppers should look for the terms and conditions and read them closely before enrolling. Rates, plans, and generation sources vary widely. Consider whether the rate is fixed or variable and know if the contract contains any termination fees or penalties. Be sure to confirm you will be receiving power that is completely renewable and Green-e certified.

Finally, it’s worthwhile to consider whether the electricity is produced locally or from projects outside our electric grid. Additional tips and resources can be found on the Maryland Offices of the People’s Counsel and the Pepco website. The Pepco website also lists the rate its charging customers that have not selected a supplier (referred to as “Standard Offer Service”), which can serve as a comparison.

There are over a hundred suppliers licensed to serve DC residents. Regardless of the company you select, you will increase demand for renewable power and lower your carbon footprint. It’s a simple sustainability step to take in 2014.

Meghan Tighe is a former employee of Clean Currents, and currently on staff at Ethical Electric. She could talk clean energy all day and can be followed at @MeghanTighe.


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