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Lunch on the Lawn … a Membership Party!

You’re invited to join DC EcoWomen for an al fresco potluck!

Our community is growing bigger every day and we would like to invite you to come out and get to know us better as well as each other. Please feel free to bring friends and family as this event is co-ed! The more the merrier … you can even bring your four-legged friends!

There will be fun and family friendly game events such as a balloon toss, bocce ball, frisbee and other outdoor activities. Who’s up for a game of freeze tag? The fall weather will be beautiful and we look forward to seeing you all there!

DC EcoWomen will provide:

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks (note: there is no alcohol permitted in Rock Creek Park.)

  2. A small supply of charcoal for those who wish to use the grill (plan to do your own grilling!)

  3. Extra napkins, silverware and plates for those who can’t bring their own (we encourage you to bring your own resusable silverware and plates to cut down on waste and keep this an ecofriendly event.)

  4. Games!

You should bring:

  1. A friend!

  2. A dish of your choice to share (and a serving utensil if necessary).

  3. Reusable silverware and plates.

  4. Your favorite outdoor game!


Sunday, October 16th at 12:00 p.m.


Rock Creek Park, Shelter 6


  1. The shelter area is located North of Military Rd. at the intersection of Beach Dr.

  2. Directions to Rock Creek Park

  3. map of the grounds (look for the dot labeled 6)

  4. Public Transportation: Van Ness (red line) is the closest metro stop, but our shelter is not immediately accessible from there (approx 1 mile walk). Get directions.

Interested in riding your bike to the park? We encourage you to take public transportation, ride your bike or rollerblade to Lunch on the Lawn. Try and find other people interested in biking together by posting on the wall of the Facebook event page.

If you are interested in leading a bike ride to the lunch, please e-mail Mary Ellen at


On Facebook; or send an e-mail to



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