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Green Your Glass This St. Patrick’s Day

This Year,  Make A Cheers To Green Beer

Written by EcoWomen blogger Dawn Bickett

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. But this year, instead of celebrating by stockpiling shamrock accessories, join DC EcoWomen in lifting a glass to green breweries across the country!

The brewing process can be resource intensive —  using large quantities of water and electricity. One recent study found that a single liter of beer takes between 60 and 180 liters to produce. But change is brewing among many beer brands. Breweries across the US are finding innovative ways to lower their environmental impact — and yours — while still making a tasty product.

Here — in no particular order — is a glimpse of just a few of these eco-brewing pioneers:

New Belgium Brewing

The makers of Fat Tire and 1554, among other beers, New Belgium’s Colorado brewery was the first to offset 100% of its emissions with renewable energy credits. It is also an expert recycler! New Belgium diverted 99.9% of its waste from landfills last year.


Brewery Vivant

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Brewery Vivant is the first brewery in the country to be LEED certified. It’s beer is a bit hard to come by in DC, but look for it if you’re visiting the Chicago area.


Full Sail Brewing

Full Sail Brewing is one of the most energy efficient breweries out there — from small changes like upgrading light fixtures, to saving the company 20% on energy consumption by changing its operating schedule.  It also houses it’s own water treatment facility and has one of the lowest water-used:beer-produced ratios in the country.


Peak Organic Brewing

This brewery’s name, Peak Organic Brewing, gives away one of its biggest claim to fame: all of its ingredients are FDA certified organic. The brewery also prioritizes local ingredients as much as possible, meaning a smaller carbon footprint in every bottle.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada produces its own energy. It’s brewery facilities in Chico, CA get 20% of their power from 10,000+ solar panels and 40% from 2 hydrogen fuel cells on site.

Via Sierra Nevada

Is your favorite eco-friendly brew missing above? Please leave a comment to add it to the list. And of course, don’t forget to have a green and great St. Patrick’s Day!


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