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DC EcoWomen at “Forward on Climate”

The following is a guest post from Marine Jaouen

I’ve been to many rallies, but the feeling of protesting in my own backyard is still unreal. The ‘Forward on Climate’ Rally was well organized and well attended, with more than 40,000 in attendance. I was especially impressed that Reverend Yearwood was able to control a crowd of 40,000 despite the cold. I also loved the inclusion and prominence of the Native American speakers on the panel. The female speakers talked about their connection with nature, a consciousness also felt by early explorers and settlers but rarely remembered in our current materialistic society. I was reminded of the power of Mother Nature and that as inhabitants of the Earth, we should protect our land from greedy corporate interests.

While I was taking photos, I could feel the energy and commitment of the crowd and I knew I was among friends, our voices echoing strongly in front of the National Monument. Some had traveled for hours on buses to get to the rally and not only did they make the long journey to Washington D.C., but they also brought detailed signs, flags, costumes, hats, and other personalized items with strong climate messages.

I loved photographing the event, from the fast-moving clouds overhead to the passionate climate change posters to the march towards the White House. It was a powerful experience to capture the shared sense of urgency and camaraderie from thousands gathered in one place to fight climate deniers and to protect our planet for future generations.

Photo Slideshow – courtesy of Marine Jaouen


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