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Clothing Swap: Free Eco-friendly Shopping Spree

By Mary Ellen M. Kustin

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” -unknown

Saturday’s rain couldn’t keep nearly 30 EcoWomen away from a good spring clothing swap! Ladies filtered into the party between 11am and 1:30pm with fresh waves of shirts, skirts, sweaters, and shoes. Goodies from PJ’s to professional garb with jewelry and accessories to boot filled the tables, couch, and floors of hostess Stephanie’s house in Wheaton, Maryland.

2012 March Clothing Swap

A sense of spring cleaning and purging was in the air as most of the women who came brought a LOT of treasures with them, but showed restraint when choosing their new threads. Perhaps our February guest speaker on eco-friendly home organizing hit home with folks. Even though everyone seemed to leave with at least a handful or bag full of new clothes, the entire backseat and trunk of my car were filled to the brim with leftovers to be dropped off at donation centers on my way home. Nice job, ladies! :o)


At first, the dining and living rooms started out with labeled stacks of neatly folded clothes.  Eventually, a good spirited chaos settled over the rooms as we dug through to find the perfect top or skirt and more ladies came in with more clothes to contribute.  We’d retreat from time to time into the kitchen for a mimosa and some snacks to chat and refuel before diving back in for another round.

2012 March Clothing Swap

I was happy to see some new faces and to catch up with those of you who have made it out to one or many of our events previously. Thank you to all who trekked over and created a successful swap!

To see more photo evidence of the finds, food, and fun, check out:



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