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Book Club Recap: EcoWomen Enjoy The Dirty Life

Read below for a guest blog entry by Caroline Wick for a recap of our book club’s latest gathering:

On Sunday, January 27, EcoWomen gathered to discuss The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.  The book tells the story of Kimball’s decision to ditch her city life for cows, long cold winters and, of course, dirt.  (You can get a feel for the book here with this audio slideshow from NPR).  

During the discussion, EcoWomen pondered Kimball’s decision and wondered whether they would make the same life-altering choice.  Everyone enjoyed the book not just for its content, but also for Kimball’s prose:  “I had never in my life been so dirty.  The work was always dirty, beyond what I’d previously defined as dirty, and it took too much energy to keep oneself out of it.”

Each participant shared not just her thoughts on the book, but also a snack.  One participant embraced the theme and brought green beans that she harvested and canned.  Another snack, the sticky, but delicious, homemade tahini-honey-chocolate squares disappeared quickly.  We’ll share recipes for other favorites – including coconut ginger muffins – on this site.

Bummed that you missed the fun?  There are more book clubs to come:

  1. For those that can’t commit to finishing an entire book – join EcoWomen on February 15th to discuss a few pages from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and other short pieces on the theme of farming and love.

  2. In March, we’ll discuss Letters from Yellowstone.  Join us fiction lovers!



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