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Be Green, Build Your Sustainable Career

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and there is one color that is on everyone’s mind: Green. Green clothes, green beer, green decorations, green faces – this past weekend has been full to bursting with green.

This year, the greenness is spreading further into our minds, into our attitudes, and into our lives. “Greenifying” has taken on a new meaning, as climate change is starting to hit home in America. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, it is becoming a necessity of life.

And in our lives, we are realizing the importance of advancing our own sustainable careers, and the opportunities for long-lasting work to protect the earth. Women still haven’t reached equality in the workplace, for many reasons. This is partly because they don’t have access to – or take advantage of – the tools and experiences necessary to get ahead.

Just as no one can create a house out of thin air, no one lands directly into a dream career. It takes years of experience and building. It requires continual upkeep, inspection, and if necessary, demolition and rebuilding.

Many women have gone through this process and have the tools to help others build their own career. The lessons from these women are invaluable. Whenever the opportunity arises for you to learn these important skills, you should take it.

Luckily, the DC EcoWomen Conference is just around the corner. On Saturday, May 18, we will build skills to help us navigate through challenges we face in our careers and in our lives. I’m Here, What’s Next? will offer multiple sessions on career skills improvement, turning your passion into a profession, and ways to improve your personal life – it will be a day full of hands-on skill-building workshops that will teach you how to take that next step.

I’m Here, What’s Next, will be on Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 8:30am-4pm with a 4pm-6pm Networking Happy Hour immediately following the conference. The Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Betty Spence, and workshop panelists include Suzy Mink, Marin Rose, Chris Jahnke, and so many more.

You can learn more about the conference and purchase your ticket by visiting


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