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Our Community Listserv is a member driven list (a google group) members can use to post and/or find jobs, events, housing and more!  Signing up for the Community Listserv will make you an official DC EcoWomen Member!

When signing up, please be sure to include your name, some background information, and why you would like to join the list. Though we hold several co-ed events throughout the year, this Listserv is reserved for women only.

Sign-up or visit this group at

Posting Guidelines

This list exists to help you—Washington, DC area women interested in the environment—stay connected with each other. We are thrilled to have such an active community in the Washington, DC area and hope you find the list helpful both personally and professionally.

The DC EcoWomen Community List has a large number of subscribers, so we ask that you adhere to the posting guidelines to ensure the list provides the most useful and appropriate content for our membership.

Posting to the list is easy!

Just send your message exactly as you wish it to appear to the readers to:
[email protected]

Do you need help creating a Google account to access the google group pages? Please see the instructions below.


We reserve the right to remove you from the list if you are found to repeatedly violate our posting guidelines.

  • Use Subject Headers—please include a header in the subject line of your post! For instance, if you are posting about a job, start the subject line with [JOB]. Useful header examples are included below.
  • Please only post your announcements once.
  • Please ensure the connection to environmental issues is explicit in your post (except in the case of housing and professional development opportunities)
  • Do not attempt to advertise items for sale or freecycle. There are other appropriate forums for this. An occasional exception might be made if your item is specifically environmentally friendly in nature or professional development-oriented, but this is not an avenue for customer solicitation.
  • Do not subscribe any members of this list to any other listserves or newsletters. 

Appropriate Posts

[JOB] … Jobs opportunities in the environmental field (paid, unpaid, full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent, internships).

[EVENT] … Upcoming environmental and professional development events (film screenings, lectures, book clubs, etc.) or other actionable items with an environmental focus, such as volunteer opportunities, scholarships, article submissions, etc)

[HOUSING] … Looking for and/or have housing available in the DC Metropolitan area.

[NETWORKING] … Resources, tips and/or opportunities for networking and career development.

Inappropriate Posts

In order for this list-serve to remain a useful tool of communication, we ask members NOT to submit the following types of announcements:

  • Political messages
  • Campaign announcements
  • Issue action alerts
  • Newsletters

Additional Guidelines

Relevant eco-friendly product advertisements may be posted once every three months. Exceptions might be made when there are special discounts for EcoWomen members.



DC EcoWomen’s Community E-mail List is run through Google Groups. In order to view the DC EcoWomen online archives and your account options, you will need to create a Google account with the e-mail address with which you are subscribed to the e-mail list. You do not need to have a Google email ([email protected]) to do this.

Go to and click Sign In. Follow the prompts.

If you have a Gmail address and would prefer to use that address for your DC EcoWomenmembership instead of this one, please email [email protected] and we will help you make that change.

Your default setting is to receive emails in real time of DC EcoWomen Community postings (unless you were moved from our original list in Aug 2010). To change this setting to receive each DC EcoWomen Community posting as a daily digest email, go to: and click “Edit my membership.”


Please email [email protected] with any questions about using the DC EcoWomen Community List.

THANK YOU for joining DC EcoWomen!