Get Involved with DC EcoWomen … a Three Step Process!

1. Join our E-mail Lists!

We have TWO e-mail lists that serve different purposes for our membership:

  • Event Listserv: used to notify members about upcoming DC EcoWomen events
  • Community Listserv: a member driven list (a google group) members can use to post and/or find jobs, events, housing and more!

2. Come to Events!

Joining our lists gives you access to great information and resources, and reminders about our events. Take the next step to learn what we are all about. Meet our members and make some connections and friends in a great community of women.

Check our event page for upcoming events>>

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for a more informal way to get to know our members and what we are up to.

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3. Volunteer. Join our Support Crew!

DC EcoWomen needs YOU to make our events and programming incredible. Events you enjoy are created and implemented entirely by our Executive Board — but we can’t do it all on our own. If you’re interested in getting more involved with DC EcoWomen, this is the crew to join>>