Craft, Chat & Chocolate our DC EcoWomen “Community Table” season, we are focusing on greening the holidays and making smart food choices.  Why not start with talking about fair trade chocolate?

DC EcoWomen will be hosting a mini-book club, where we will be discussing responsible practices within the chocolate industry. In particular we will be focusing on Hershey who has agreed to address child labor issues in its supply chain, after more than two years of calls to action.

And because we love hands-on, do-it-yourself projects we will be meeting at SCRAP DC where we can discuss fair trade while creating heartfelt gifts that don’t require a trip to the mall. SCRAP DC is a thrift store for crafters and artists that diverts unused craft and art materials from landfills into a retail store where you can get inexpensive craft supplies.

SCRAP DC is offering a $6 all you can fill bag, so come pick up some crafting items for current projects, or look around the store for inspiration! Please also bring any current crafts you have, such as knitting, crochet, or cross-stitch projects, to work on while we discuss the mini-book club selections! And because chatting is much more fun over a glass of wine, we’ll also have wine and treats to munch on. Because our mini-book club focuses on Hershey’s commitment to fight child labor, we’ll be sure to have fair trade chocolates as well!

Please come with your crafting ideas, skills, and any supplies you would like to share or donate to SCRAP DC and enjoy a fun night of lively discussions!

When: November 1, 2012 6-8pm

Where: SCRAP DC, 52 O Street #L2 NW, Washington DC

Nearest Metro Stop: Red Line, NoMa – Gallaudet University

Mini-Book Club readings:

BBC Episode on Fair Trade Chocolate found on YouTube in 5 parts (~1 hour total)

There is one very short article on how to find Fair Trade products in your grocery store:

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