To inspire and empower women to be leaders for the environment by cultivating an inclusive community that fosters personal and professional development.

DC EcoWomen is the founding chapter of the National Organization, EcoWomen. Women who work on environmental issues have knowledge to share and a desire to learn from each other. Gathering women with common interests also helps us to develop personal relationships that can lead professional synergies.


The apple is a wholesome symbol of ecology and is green to reflect our dedication to environmental issues. The image of the apple embodies a wide range of environmental concepts, including growth, agriculture, and awareness to focus our attention on environmental issues. The tone of the logo is bold, professional and with a good sense of humor, to match our personalities and our approach to making positive environmental change happen.

The logo was designed by Fran Ornstein, an art director with over 25 years years of experience. Ms. Ornstein is currently an independent designer and communications specialist. Her many projects include What’s’sname, playful hand-drawn baby names, and custom calligraphy. She currently lives in Nova Scotia with her husband, where together they built their house out of piles of recycled materials. They have two wonderful children. EcoWomen warmly thanks Ms. Ornstein for designing our beautiful logo.