Forests and Prairies

Harmful deforestation from over-consumption and illegal logging is one of the biggest threats facing forests around the world.  Not only are these places home to many of the world’s indigenous people and interesting mammals, insects, and birds, but are important for maintaining natural processes and keeping the air and nearby rivers and lakes clean.  Read below for more information on how industry, academics, and businesses are working to minimize harm to these areas by improving the sustainability of forestry practices around the world.

General Information

If you’re new to the subject, this web portal provides informative background information on illegal logging.  Their resources are numerous and include news articles, publications, research, and certifications in different regions of the world.

Nonprofit Organizations

The Rainforest Alliance works with businesses and conservationists to promote sustainable forestry through research, management, and outreach.  They study the impacts of deforestation, agricultural practices, and climate change around the world.  They also help us make better consumer choices – take a look at their efforts togreen the tourism industry and certify the consumer goods we find in the workplace.

Greenpeace International also focuses on raising awareness about the ongoing threats to the world’s rainforests and the creatures that inhabit them.  Check out how their work is protecting forests, tigers, and orangutans in Indonesia, the Congo, and the Amazon.

Academic Resources

The Journal of Sustainable Forestry is a wealth of academic information on current and past research assessing forest conditions, threats, and sustainability science.

The Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry, hosted by the Yale School of Sustainable Forestry, has comprehensive publications and resources for those looking to catch up on the latest research or pursue a career in forestry.  Check out the Institute’s latest publications, seminar series, and study locations.

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