Sustainable Development

Urban Revitalization

The revitalization of communities is happening all around the country thanks to the hard work of urban planners.  But it certainly takes a village, so browse our information to learn more about the people and principles involved in making small changes that have a large impact for at-risk families and up-and-coming towns near you.

Global Population and Health

The year 2011 saw the global human population reach seven billion, a number which was not missed by members of the media and research communities who used the milestone to raise awareness about growing concerns of sustainability.  Earth’s resources, including space, are indeed finite, and it will take innovative ideas to maintain healthy standards of living without persistent and unsustainable demands being placed on our ecosystems.  Browse our links for more information about creative solutions to these challenges and what role women play in promoting health and wellness in an ever-growing global community.

Environmental Justice

Low income communities around the country and around the world often see the worst environmental degradation happening in their backyard.  Corporations often export their polluting activities as far from public view as possible, leaving these communities with little chance of living healthily and enjoying parks, rivers, and other recreational activities that more affluent communities take for granted.  Browse our information to learn more about the laws and activist groups looking to get corporations to improve their accountability measures.

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