Healthy Communities

Be a Locavore!

We’ve been told that we are what we eat.  From grabbing a snack or preparing a family dinner, be a conscientious consumer and improve your health by keeping it local.  Not only does importing foods from around the world have a large environmental impact, but local products have tangible health benefits.  Farmers markets, restaurants, and businesses that promote sustainability  are scattered throughout the city, so let us help you minimize your consumer impacts with this helpful information.

Join a Community Garden

Living in an urban setting such as DC certainly presents its challenges to those looking to put their green thumbs to work.  But, countless grassroots organizations and community initiatives can help you nurture a garden or share one with others.  Nothing brings a community together better than growing your own food!

Support Education and the Arts

It’s no secret that well-rounded, artistic communities foster deep social connections, healthy families, and sustainable living.  Discovery ways to show your support for integrating the humanities and environmental conservation and learn something yourself along the way!

Get Your Hands Dirty

Find out how volunteering with local conservation groups promotes healthy communities.  Whether it’s in your neighborhood, local park, or along the Potomac, cleaning up the environment and raising awareness are great ways to promote sustainable living and meet others who share your values.