Sustainable Homes

Our homes are the most personal aspects of our lives, where we spend our quiet hours, raise children, and spend time with loved ones.  It’s important, then, for these places to reflect our values of environmental stewardship and sustainability.  Read below for more information ranging from kid’s lunches to lightbulbs and cleaning agents.

Being Organized

As DC EcoWomen learned from Marin Rose, being organized helps in being green!  When we use our space efficiently, we function more effectively in other aspects of our lives.  Even though being organized pays off and makes us feel good, sometimes we need a little extra incentive to straighten up around the house.

  • ModernEcoHomes has great products and tips on fun ways to keep art projects and desk spaces clutter-free – for kids and adults!
  • Bambeco showcases an array of furniture and home storage products for any Eco-Enthusiast.
  • While plastics can be a fast and easy organizer, these bags, bins, and wrappers quickly become a burden on the planet.  Check out My Plastic Free Life for tips and tricks for eliminating the stuff from our homes.

In the Kitchen

With recent concerns about consumer products ranging from pesticide-laden produce to harmful chemicals in plastics, it can be tough to make the right choices when you bring food and goods into your kitchen.

  • When it comes to fruits and veggies, we want to get it right.  To avoid the harmful effects of pesticides without breaking the bank with an all organic kitchen, check out the dirtiest dozen and clean fifteen from the Environmental Working Group.
  • Wondering about your old tupperware?  Learn more about the BPA controversy from PopScience’s 2008 article and head on over to National Geographic’s Green Living Guide for the latest videos and information.
  • For festive, eco-friendly kitchen products, check out EcoKitchen and BambuHome for the latest bamboo and stainless steel gizmos and gadgets!
  • Check out Single Minded Women for healthy, guilt-free snacks for kids and adults.
  • Wish Valentine’s Day was year-round?  Check out organic, free-trade chocolates from Pristine Planet and Whole Foods.

New to some of these ideas?  Take Jennifer Reese’s advice in Bake the Bread, Buy the Butter, where she acknowledges that you often don’t have time to bake and grow your entire diet but can make smart choices for your family and your budget.

Clean and Simple

Parents often worry about children and pets getting into dangerous chemicals and under-the-sink supplies.  Learn more about the potential hazards from the Organic Consumers Association and let this be a stress you can let go of with a variety of products from Pristine Planet.

Staying Healthy

Trying to look and feel your best?  Sometimes it’s disappointing when we invest time and money in health and wellness products and come to find out later that those very same products might be doing more harm than good.  When using toiletries, cosmetics, or even cold medicines, check these resources to learn more about when it pays to be all-natural.

  • Browse The Ecologist for some interesting articles on all-natural beauty products and detoxes.
  • Hair and skin feeling chemical-laden?  Look into organic products sold at your local Whole Foods.
  • Still an herbal medicine skeptic?  Learn more about the herbal debate and the basics of incorporating alternative medicine into your health regimen.

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