Green Transportation

General Information

Learn information about fuel efficiency, the fuel economy, and look at the Daily Green’s list of the most fuel-efficient cars of 2011.   Want to impress your friends?  Share your knowledge of the economics and politics behind the much-debated CAFE standards, proposed by legislators as a way of reducing emissions.  Check back for more information on bike share programs, the benefits of convenient mass transit, and some of the innovative ways people are addressing commuter congestion in cities across the country.

Toyota certainly brought hybrids into the mainstream, but the market has expanded far beyond the prius.  Stay up-to-date on the latest batteries and cars with a recent article from Treehugger.  The Chevy Volt has made a big splash in 2011, so be sure to check it out, as GM will likely remain a strong force in this growing market.

After a slow start and much political resistance, electric vehicles just might be gaining some traction in the U.S. Check out this definitive guide and the Department of Energy for a comparison of the cars, the technology, and the current tax incentives.  Many might argue that the celebrity poster-child for this movement is Tesla Motors, with their sleek, new-age sport car designs.  Their co-founder, Elon Musk, writes that “the overaching purpose of Tesla, and my reason for personally funding the company, is to expedite the move from a hydrocarbon economy toward a sustainable, solar electric company.”

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