Green Living

Browse our pages below to learn more about eco-friendly options and incentives that can be incorporated into our houses, our commute, our workplaces, and our attitudes.  In addition to information about local resources and programs, you will gain insight into how EcoWomen and consumers around the world can have a large impact on corporate culture and decision-making that have the potential to improve quality of life for the future.

Sustainable Homes

Our homes are the most personal aspects of our lives, where we spend our quiet hours, raise children, and spend time with loved ones.  Isn’t it important, then, for these places to reflect our values of environmental stewardship?  Learn more about small changes and tricks that can help you create and maintain healthy habits for your family and the environment.

Green Transportation

DC EcoWomen are lucky if they can take advantage of the public transportation that the city has to offer.  Many cities across the country incentivize green commuting and there are even things that you can do to minimize the impacts of your daily commute.  Browse our resources to learn more about sustainable commuting here in DC and further afield.

Eco-Friendly Workplaces

Many EcoWomen in DC find themselves working at large headquarter offices for resource management agencies or conservation organizations.  That means that even if you’re working at the Sierra Club, chances are your office wastes electricity or even might not recycle.  From getting fair trade coffee in the cafeteria to ordering nontoxic electronics, these ideas show how even one person can promote an eco-friendly corporate culture.


Let’s face it, we as a society are heavily dependent on our electronic devices.  Our iPods, computers, cell phones, and eReaders are here to stay.  Because these powerful tools are so important for doing good work in our lives, it is essential that consumers show manufacturers that having sound environmental practices matters.  Browse our resources to learn more about why electronics can be so harmful and the ongoing challenges companies face in trying to green their products.

Consumer and Corporate Responsibility

While it is true that small family-owned stores have given way to large corporations that control the majority of goods and products we consume, it is not true that these large companies are inherently evil.  In fact, many corporations across the country are adopting strong environmental and social justice practices that minimize or mitigate their impacts on the environment.  Browse our resource pages to challenge your preconceived notions and learn more about companies ranging from the worst offenders to award-winning innovators.

Reduce,  Reuse,  Recycle

Thanks to the invention of plastics and the notion of planned obsolescence, we live in a disposable society.  Despite beneficial recycling programs, our existing landfills cannot sustain the continued overconsumption of poor quality goods. Learn more about tips for avoiding disposable products and the legislative initatives and grassroots campaigns that have made great strides in lessening the amount of toxic plastics that come and go in our lives.