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DC EcoWomen is exclusively a volunteer operated organization. We are who we are today thanks to our Executive Board members and the help of volunteers beyond our Board. Learn about the committees that make DC EcoWomen a well-oiled machine and the rock-star women who run them.

 Directory of Executive Board

Structure of the Board

Executive Officers

  • President
  • Treasurer / Vice President of Finance & Strategic Projects
  • Vice President of Communications
  • Vice President of Membership & Outreach
  • Vice President of Professional Development
  • Vice President of Programs

Officers are responsible for coordinating their committees to achieve goals and programming determined at the annual Executive Board Retreat each August. They coordinate monthly meetings with their committee members and help ensure good communication between committees and the president. The board term commitment is for one year starting the 1st of August. For more detailed information, check out our DC EcoWomen Board Handbook and Chapter Policies – 2015.

Finance and Operations Committee

The Finance & Operations Committee consists of the Treasurer, who serves as Vice President, and three additional committee members, with help and support from other committee members as needed. The committee is responsible for managing all internal operations, as well as developing large-scale special projects that further the overall growth and expansion of DC EcoWomen. These activities include: researching and implementing new systems to help the Board run more efficiently, assisting in budget forecasting and strategic planning, finding new opportunities for organizational growth, and spearheading the development of larger events, such as Board retreats, as the committee and Executive Board deems appropriate. The committee will work to balance DC EcoWomen’s overall growth goals with our financial assets, submitting ideas for reinvestment and expansion to the Executive Board for approval.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee manages all communication efforts with the rest of the Executive Board. Serving as consultants to support the work of each of the other teams, women working with the Communications Committee will manage DC EcoWomen’s website, weekly newsletter, social media accounts and posts, blog posts, and community listserv/Google Group. The Communications Committee also coordinates with other committees to advertise and market all events, advising and editing as necessary to maintain the pristine, professional reputation, look, and feel of the organization. Committee members learn and grow skills in web design, social media, writing, editing, and brand management.

Membership & Outreach Committee

The keyword for the Membership & Outreach Committee is “sustainability.” We work to develop and execute fundraising campaigns to support the continued growth of DC EcoWomen, and we also play a lead role in organizing membership appreciation events and board recruitment. Annual responsibilities include Giving Tuesday and Do More 24 as well as fall and spring happy hours. As this committee becomes more actively engaged in corporate fundraising and grant writing, we will look to quantify the impact of EcoWomen in the metro DC region, support strategic improvements to ongoing programming, and prepare for the next phase of growth for the organization. Ideal committee members are adept at seeing the big picture and creating a vision for the future while also being detail-oriented and focused on providing value to membership. Committee members grow skills in fundraising, marketing, generating business leads, event planning, networking, and communications.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for scheduling speakers for EcoHour and running the EcoHour monthly event, maintaining our mentor program, and providing workshops and other gatherings that highlight and help develop skills needed in the workplace. The committee members manage all logistics for events, run events, and put together the marketing language for the communications teams. Committee members meet and work with leading professionals in the environmental and career development fields, learn/expand event-planning skills and VIP management, and utilize networking skills to meet and identify leaders in the community.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for all social and educational events and programming falling outside of the purview of professional development, averaging two events per month, focusing on providing opportunities for members to engage with each other, the DC community, and to have new experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, such programming as networking happy hours, annual parties, such as the Holiday Party, outdoor events, community volunteer opportunities, book and film club meetings, and family-focused activities. Committee members gain skills in event planning and management, coordinating with other board committees, such as Communications and Membership & Outreach to ensure successful events.

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